Fedora 36 Live Install Locks Up. Solution, no-name wireless mouse disconnected

The Fedora 36 Live Install would freeze up part way through the hard disk install. Seemed entirely random. Sometimes it was while setting time zone or just picking a language. Removed the dongle for my no-name wireless mouse and the install worked. Thought I would pass along in case others are have difficulties.

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Welcome to ask :fedora:

Is this a question or info?
If it is info then it would be better if you could identify the chipset for the dongle and the mfgr name so others could watch out for that brand.

With no identifying info the post is almost worthless.

Gosh. I’m really sorry if I wasted your time.

I’ll be sure to keep my worthless observations to myself in the future.

Did not say wasted time. Merely said more info would be of better help.

Saying that “no-name device is bad” helps no one.
Saying that ‘lsusb’ provides the posted info about the no-name device will at least give someone an opportunity to identify what the no-name device might be and what to avoid.

Sorry if I ruffled your feathers with my observation concerning the scarcity of info.

I found this information good. Because i also had troubles once not being able to install and always got system blocked on random places. This could have been the problem of mine too, without knowing what made troubles.

I changed also the title mentioning to disconnect the no-name mouse helped.

I do appreciate your effort. To make it clear next time you could make just a replay to your own topic and write: Problem solved with removing the no-name wireless mouse for installation. This replay you can mark as resolved (As on the first request the option is missing).

Thanks for your info :+1: