Fedora 36 Build Logs me out after being idle overnight?

On a Lenovo laptop my Fedora 36 logs me out after being idle overnight or after a Suspend operation? I’ve even noticed it with my Fedora 36 KVM VM as well? Any ideas? When I go to use my laptop the next day, I see the initial login prompts?

Are those the login prompts or the screen lock password entry prompts?

By default fedora has the settings → privacy → blank screen set to 5 minutes with screen lock activated when the screen blanks. Once the screen locks you are required to enter your password to unlock it. This is not a login, but unlocking the screen, which brings back the desktop exactly as you last left it.

The login screen displays the user name to be selected, then the password entry screen, then opens a blank desktop.

No, they’re not. I have a multitude of applications running, that I leave continually running so Fedora procedurally closes out all of these applications and then logs me out? When I click my name it prompts me for my login password and takes me to a blank screen where I have to manually relaunch all applications again from scratch!

Could be a restart, not just log off. Maybe it’s trying to suspend but fails and restarts.

Can you please check the overnight logs?

Another issue could be memory pressure and systemd-oomd killing your apps in order to prevent the system to freeze (anyways, logs will tell).

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Yes, you’re right! Thank you!
pcp-pmie Go to pmie.service
“Severe demand for real memory 6.1pgsout”
I re-adjusted the allocation of memory to the two VM’s and hopefully that should do it?
I looked in the logs before but didn’t have the right log context checked so I missed it.

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I’ve had the same problem, also Fedora 36, on a Dell laptop, but I am not as knowledgeable as Kevin.

journalctl doesn’t show me a message similar to Kevin’s

I’ve installed pcp, but am not sure how to use pmie.

Any help, if possible, please?

Use the “Cockpit” management application for Fedora. It has a consumable GUI to navigate various management functions. In there, look at the “Logs” function. You can see memory consumption metrics on your Virtual Machines to gauge whether you’ve allocated too memory to them.
I hope this helps?

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Useful tool, thank you! The logs don’t mention memory. I see the reboots, but there is no regularity in the messages just before the reboots. (The computer doesn’t reboot, it just logs me out, but when I have time I reboot it when this happens, this is why I see the reboots).

Make sure you click the “Error and Above” Drop-down selection from the Logs top panel or you won’t see the detail you need to observe.

This was the default setting.
When I try ‘critical and above’ I’m left with two types of error:

Process (packagekitd) crashed in dnf_context_invalidate_full()


GLib-GIO-CRITICAL: g_bus_get_sync: assertion ‘error == NULL || *error == NULL’ failed

but neither seems to be necessary for the system to log me out when I close the lid.