Fedora 35 - Very slow wifi

Very slow Wifi speed after upgrading to Fedora 35.
I’m getting 4 MBPS on a 50 MBPS internet connection using built in wifi adapter QCA9377.

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Thanks for that. But I have slow internet speed, no interruptions.

In any case, it should be the same setting, see:

i would suggest disabling ipv6.

Yeah, but the interruptions caused by the power management daemon are causing you to have apparent low speed issues that mask said root cause for you.

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I tried iw wlp2s0 set power_save off. Still same issue.
What I found out today, I have this problem only on a single wifi AP.
It work perfectly on other APs.

I’ve attached screenshot of wavemon

You can see that bit rate is only 1Mbit/s.
On other APs I can see higher bit rates like 70Mbit/s.

Still same issue

When that happens here, I restart the router… and it goes back to normal.

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Yeah, I think that will help. I’ll factory reset the router.

I think @luca means power down and then power up the router, not factory reset.


You may want to check the transmit power levels on the access point as well if they overlap.

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you should check the wifi connection in the router too and measure via netspeed tools/websites

on acer notebooks with Qualcomm Atheros wifi chips I’ve seen Fedora reported ~1-6 Mbit only and the router reported 433 and more Mbit …

and I got trouble with channel 13 (don’t know if it’s fixed now)