Fedora 35 showing "nvidia kernel module missing" on boot

I think the 495 driver was only released for fedora 35 so far. My machine with fedora 34 is still using the 470 driver but the f35 machine has the 495 driver…

Removing and reinstalling the package fixes the issue “Nvidia kernal module missing” in Fedora 35

I think that is shown as
install xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-470xx akmod-nvidia-470xx
because the rpmfusion site has more than one driver version at the same time and by telling it explicitly to use the 470 version it avoids issues otherwise.

Also note that the xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-470xx & akmod-nvidia-470xx packages are relatively new meta packages that pull in all the 470 driver packages for you (around 8-10 packages). I have not done a clean install recently, but it seems rpmfusion is trying to simplify things for the users.

In case it shows a need for something to be changed, I also have had the same problems that Greg describes above, and JV’s “470” fix made it work.

I have the same graphics card that Greg does, and this was as a result of an F34-35 upgrade. The F34 had been a clean install (on this new machine).

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Thank you so much. This solved my issue with the upgrade. It is much appreciated!

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Thank you so much for posting this! It helped immensely. I had no idea secure boot would interfere this way!

Thank you for the input!

With older versions of :fedora:edora secure boot was an issue because the kernel was unsigned. More recently with the signed kernel secure boot is only an issue when using out-of-tree unsigned modules, of which the nvidia driver is one.