Fedora 35 not recognizing Macbook Pro 2007 Bluetooth and can not connect to certain wifi networks

I recently installed Fedora 35 on my 2007 MacBook Pro. It is maxed out with 4GB of RAM and I installed a 500GB SSD. I am having issues with Fedora recognizing the MacBook’s internal Bluetooth module. I tried Mint before this and there was zero issues with it and I was able to connect a wireless bluetooth mouse. However, on Fedora I can not even get it to show using the “lspci” command.

The second issue is that I can not get it to connect to certain wifi networks. It will not connect to my newer router. However, it is able to connect to two of my older routers. Interestingly enough, it did work during the first boot of Fedora 35. Installed updates, and it will only connect to older routers it seems. My network controller is a Qualcomm Atheros AR5418.

Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated. Otherwise, the system runs perfectly fine!

You might be able to find the bluetooth module with lsusb instead of lspci.