Fedora 35 KDE Plasma Spin - Post Installation Failures

HP Elitebook 850, Core i7, 16gb Ram, Intel/AMD Radeon Hybrid Graphics
2 installs in 2 days
1st install - Sound card failure during update using Software Center
2nd install - Catastrophic failure of Plasma GUI during sudo yum upgrade
Something is wrong with the kernel, when you update it,

Yum is not a fedora choice use dnf
Dnf is modern package manager that fedora and rhel uses it handle packages far better than yum does

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh

Thank you, that still does not explain the failure using the software center

Start kde could not start plasma session.

Same error

Could not understand can you elaborate

systemctl list-units --failed
systemd-analyze critical-chain

Once I get the failure, I cannot reboot into the os.

Don’t have the knowledge or skills to repair it…

Ohh i am sorry can you tell us what it shows when it turn on so if not me someone for sure can help you recover the os if possible.

Thanks for the time Martin,

It gives all the entries on the screen as denied or disabled, and then fails to a blank screen.

Installing the os three times for three failures is not my idea of fun…
I will find another os that will work. This was the lst time trying Fedora, and it used to be the best os…

Once again, thank you