Fedora 35 Freezes Constantly on HP 240 G8 Notebook, Fedora 36 Beta Doesn't


I’ve switched both my notebook and the wife’s to Fedora 35 but hers, an HP 240 G8 Notebook, kept on freezing up, both during install and regular usage, same issue which made me leave Pop_OS! 21.04 and which also occurred on Feren OS 2021.10 (there with kernel only, updates solved it), tried Fedora 36 Beta on it then and it works like a charm, so I’ve got two concerns now I’d like some help with please:

  1. Will I be able to update/upgrade from 36 beta to 36 final easily?

  2. Has anyone else experienced random freeze ups on 35 with similar hardware requiring a hard shutdown plus restart and has been able to pinpoint the cause?
    I wouldn’t like the issue to pop up in 36 after a dnf update.

HP 240 G8 Notebook PC (203B6EA#ABZ)

Thanks a lot.

I can’t answer the second question as I’m not on a laptop but for the first yes as long as you keep F36 updated it will go from beta to stable .

Thanks, will it also disable beta repos by itself then please?

Yes as it goes to stable it will disable the testing repos.

In my case, I can’t even open the GNOME setting in Fedora 36. Yesterday, I tried to use Fedora beta. Apps like GNOME Terminal, Firefox, etc opened but for some reason GNOME setting didn’t even open.

Thank you.