Fedora 35 Beta missing package?

is there a solution to fix the errors

  • no sound Sound Blaster Z card
  • missing gnome launchpad
  • missing monitor color profile (empty all profile)
  • missing gnome-color management

$ gnome-color-manager
$ bash: gnome-color-manager: command not found …

The best what you can do is to report issues to redhat bugzilla and so the maintainers will know which issues exist. Without these reports nobody knows that something goes wrong. It’s important in the Beta-phase to contribute via bug reports to ensure that the final release will contain as few as possible bugs. I reported all found bugs of Fedora 35 Beta to bugzilla. Don’t hesitate and help the Fedora team. :blush:

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I guess the first thin you can do is, making you familiar with the known bugs. For that you have to look for the “changelog fedora 35” in the web search-engine:


So we can avoid that everyone reports the same issues.

I would say that your fist problem with audio has to do with the last point on the change-log list, the change to wireplumber.

To check if pipewire is working fine you can do a:

systemctl --user status pipewire.*
systemctl --user status wireplumber.service


Thx, solved sound!

systemctl --user start wireplumber.service
systemctl --user enable wireplumber.service
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