Fedora 34 updated packages


Hello, guys.

Does anyone know if the package python3-pyxdg will be bumped from version 0.26 to 0.27 in the repos soon? I need it to build a package. I have checked PyPi, where it states that version 0.27 was released on Oct 18, 2020 and I have tried to pip install pyxdg but it tells me that the requirement is already satisfied (0.26).



It is in testing, you can grab it from there or wait for it to be pushed to stable repo:



Thanks! I don’t know how long this process usually takes, but I guess I’ll just wait.

You can help speeding up to the process by installing and testing the package , and then provide feedback. Your contribution is valueable for the entire community.

Imagine everybody would “just wait”, there wouldn’t be any testing…

dnf update --enablerepo=updates-testing

More info on helping the community with testing (user testing, not software unit testing etc.) is here:


As @augenauf notes, it’s a great, easy, very low risk way of contributing to the community :slight_smile:


True. The only thing I’m worried about is that it will update already installed packages to testing… the system is working properly at the moment and I am not too experienced with Linux so, if anything breaks, I’m depending on others to help me out :confused:

I can give it a go, though. I can probably google my way out of it anyway.

EDIT: never mind, I just saw that you can enable testing on singular-package level.


You can update individual packages to the version being in testing, no need to bump the entire system to testing stage

sudo dnf update --enablerepo=updates-testing python3-pyxdg

dnf provides a rollback or undo function. So, if anything breaks, you can revert the changes.

sudo dnf history undo last

helpful command to list all dnf transactions: sudo dnf history list (the id can be used to undo specific transactions).

documented here: DNF Command Reference — dnf latest documentation


Didn’t know about this function! Very useful, thanks :slight_smile:


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