Fedora 34 Thunderbolt 2 Ethernet on MacBook Pro


Same issue with Official edition (Workstation) and XFCE spin.

I have a 2015 MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt 2 Ethernet adapter, when I boot from USB drive, I have no problem connect to Internet with Ethernet adapter, everything works smoothly. But after Fedora 34 is installed, the Ethernet adapter stops working: If the adapter is plugged in, then Fedora would freeze at start-up screen, or if I disconnect Ethernet adapter, Fedora would be able to start up, but failed to recognize Ethernet adapter when I plug it in again.

Not sure what I missed?


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Just a quick update, I just tried KDE, Ethernet adapter seems working fine, except
the start-up takes way too long (close to 10 minutes) if Thunderbolt Ethernet Adapter
is plugged in.

I don’t need to worry about Ethernet now, because I found a solution to fix Wi-Fi issue
at this web site, and it works great.