Fedora 34 Server on Raspberry Pi 2 update problem


Installed Fedora 34 Server on the Raspberry Pi 2, all seems to work fine, kernel 5.11. Then after a full update, the LEDs don’t work, red always ON and green OFF. Checked and the /sys/class/leds/ is empty, something similar to this:

I can’t use the solution “ CONFIG_GPIO_BCM_EXP=y in your .config” as it is the repository kernel, and don’t want to compile kernel on each update. The kernel installed was 5.17.
I though the RPi2 was fully supported, maybe the kernel 5.17 has some issue, or is only that the repo version was compiled without that option?

The USB works fine (can connect a keyboard), as it is the Server edition don’t know if the GPU acceleration is working.

Currently made a rollback of the update, and will apply only security updates. Unfortunately the security updates also requires the kernel to update to 5.17, so have to update with —security and —exclude=kernel* options, limiting the security patching.
Also when upgrading the Fedora version, the kernel also should be upgraded at least to the base version.

Not sure what could be the problem, and how to face upgrades to new versions of Fedora.

Upgraded to Fedora 35 server, the same, red always ON and green OFF, and the /sys/class/leds/ is empty.
So it only worked with a clean install from media of Fedora 34 server.

Seems all the later kernels and/or modules don’t not care about LEDs at all.