Fedora 34 - PipeWire - S/PDIF muted

Hey folks,

I’ve jumped to Fedora 34 beta bandwagon and am quite happy with it. With the change to Fedora 34, default audio interface is switched to Pipewire instead of pulseaudio.

My sound works just normally while my output is set to Line Out interface (analog audio output, 3.5mm jack). While I switch to Digital Output (S/PDIF) in Sound settings, I can get no sound.

What fixes the issue for me is opening up AlsaMixer, muting S/PDIF interface, and then removing mute again. What’s weird is that when I open up AlsaMixer, device already seems to be active and has “00” noted as in the picture below.


Toggling mute via Control center “Sound” section (System Volume), resolves the issue in a same way.

I need to apologize upfront for my lack of familiarity with whole PipeWire system, so any basic troubleshooting steps you might think of would certainly be beneficial to me. Unfortunately documentation in various wikis hasn’t provided me with much information on why this might be happening.

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After recent updates and reboot of the machine ,the whole thing was magically fixed, not sure which action helped to solve it.

Cost of running a pre-release software :slight_smile: Glad it’s bullet-proof otherwise even in Beta.

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