Fedora 34 KDE hangs at desktop start

Hi, I thought I’d give the Fedora KDE spin a spin as I’ve taken a shine to kwin/plasma via another distro lately and have tried the standard Gnome Fedora very briefly in the past and always found it seemingly rather polished. Am not having much luck with the KDE spin though:

→ The Live USB hangs at desktop startup; I get a wallpaper and a nice spinning thing and then it freezes.
If I edit the boot options of the live USB like so:

modprobe.blacklist=nouveau rd.driver.blacklist=nouveau

and remove the “quiet” it stalls (but doesn’t hang) at

Starting Hold until boot process finishes up…
Starting Terminate Plymouth Boot Screen…
[OK] Started Notify NFS peers of a restart.

(If I merely remove “quiet” it shows the bootup sequence and does not get stuck but rather continues unto the graphical desktop and proceeds to hang)

hw: Ryzen 5 3600 (no built-in video), Nvidia RTX 2060.

Version 33 (KDE) booted the live USB OK.

A common kernel option to use when you are having trouble with the video drivers is nomodeset. The video performance will be reduced, but it might let you get through the installer and get you to a point where you can update the system to a newer kernel that, hopefully, has the needed patches.

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Thanks, that worked. I suppose installing the proprietary nvidia drivers via the if not true than false-guide might be a good second step after updating a just installed system. Didn’t see them in the software installer application, which rhymes with why that guide exists.

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