Fedora 34 - Audio popping problem

I recently completed a fresh install of Fedora 34. Since then I get a pop noise when I first initiate something with sound. Anything else involving audio immediately after is fine. However, if I let the system rest for a bit and resume anything with audio I get the initial pop again.
Is this a pipewire issue? Does Fedora 34 use pipewire by default in a fresh install? If not, how would I initiate pipewire to see if the problem goes away?
I was having this issue a few years ago in PopOS and found out it was a Gnome bug. My fix then was to add the following line to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf

options snd-hda-intel power_save=0 power_save_controller=N

Thanks in advance.

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I found the following solution thanks to assistance on the Fedora Telegram channel.

I had to create that alsa-base.conf file and add the same line as last time in PopOs. Then I had to run the command dracut -f. A reboot thereafter was required.

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