Fedora 34 and glibc

Can you compile a new glibc using the distro’s source and a newer glibc source from gnu? I know a newer glibc needs older glibc headers if I am right. I know little about glibc so this might be OT.

What version of glibc are you trying to get? Fedora 35 has version 2.34 coming out and fedora 34 has 2.33. Version 2.35 is not expected to be released until February.

Glibc has underpinnings a lot of places so replacing it is not easy. Maybe you can explain why you feel a newer version not already released would be a good thing.

More of a learning experience I guess. I don’t suppose I want to so much replace the system glibc. I am thinking I guess about moving it to /usr/local. Variables could make it a “secondary” glibc as a test. I have the source of 2.34. I see that glibc seems to be released about every 6 months. There is one thing I despise about fedora and that’s that selinux. One of the first things I do with a new install is disable it completely. I don’t so much install GUIs with my install as CLI and development libraries and internet access. Hum I guess you can’t really get any closer to 2.34 than 2.33. The source can disable selinux altogether in the GNU version of glibc.