Fedora 33 Workstation: scaling the whole desktop (icons etc.)

Is it possible to make the icons etc. of the Gnome desktop smaller on my notebook? I am using mainly the wayland-session. I have to huge icons etc. and I would like to make it smaller. Is there any way to do it? I have not found anything in the settings. Thank you.

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Laptop? Do you have the dual GPU?
Please post the results of “lspci | grep VGA” so we can tell which devices you are working with. It is possible that drivers can affect this.

lspci | grep VGA
01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] RV730/M96 [Mobility Radeon HD 4650/5165]

I am using HP-notebooks (2 x ATI Radeon and 1 x Nvidia Geforce GT 130M) and no dual GPU. On Nvidia and ATI machines I am using only wayland-session.

The gnome-shell-extensions “desktop-icons” from the Fedora repositories does not work under Gnome 3.38.x. (error-message!). Thank you.

I’t really a pity “desktop-icons” doesn’t work. For what is a desktop, then!? I’m very upset

Does the Scaling Factor help?

(Or is it just for fonts?)

Thank you. Some elements got smaller/bigger but not the application icons on desktop (show applications). Scaling is partially helpfully. Do you have another idea?. :smiley:

If only there was a way of enabling fractional scaling… :frowning_face:

(Spoiler alert - Just search for “Fractional Scaling in GNOME”. There are ways to go below 100%)

Thank you. Have you ever tried, because it’s an experimental feature of mutter/wayland?. I think that’s the only way to catch the beasty huge icons. :grinning:

I have never felt the need for it @heliosstyx when I am using this GitHub - godlyranchdressing/Adwaita-Slim: Slim Adwaita.. This jolly good theme is old and unmaintained but it still keeps things slim and right.

Thank you. How is it to install for trying it on my machine.

Download the releases and extract them over at .local/share/themes. This would add the theme to your collection, which you can select using the Tweaks tool.

Don’t have the Tweaks tool? Run sudo dnf install gnome-tweaks.

You can even enable the fractional scaling (125, 150 and 175%) - by default only 100% and 200% are available → see the How to Enable Fractional Scaling in Ubuntu 19.10 Eoan | UbuntuHandbook

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