Fedora 33 fresh installation dual with W10 - apps not accessible

Hi everyone.
I have fresh installed Fedora33 from a liveUSB, dual with W10 on gen10intel. Not an upgrade from earlier version.
*Apps are not accessible after installation.

*After installation from liveUSB

  • EFI/grub works perfectly and Fedora boots to desktop as expected.
  • the top left menu “Activities” is missing - the menu bar is blank at the top left.
  • apps are not accessible.
  • The top right menu is there, but the “settings” option is missing.
  • every startup re-does the first boot setup process of connecting to wifi and setting a name.
    -top right menu has connectivity options which work, such as wifi, and shutdown options also work fine.
  • Installation options:
    -automatic with reclaim space. - about 40gb space set aside - Fedora places 2 partitions in it.
  • other info
  • apps are accessible when booting from the liveUSB, just not from the installed instance.
    -after repeating the installation with removal of 2 previously installed partitions, the exact same result.

Im not very familiar with Linux/Fedora so i dont know if there is something simple that I am missing. hope someone can help.