Fedora 33 (Desktop) Need a mediawiki install clean and simple procedure

Good Day:
could someone document cleanly & concisely how to install on Fedor22 Desktop and really use “mediawiki” package with MariaDB (perhaps others too) as a database ?

Comment: there is just to much often contradictory info on https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MediaWiki, on Fedora 32 all I was able to do was… to brick completely Fedora ! (I use MATE Desktop: clean, frugal, functional, and stay away from GNOME3 bloated, complex).

Consequently a procedure would be very helpful. Ideally a virtual package, one day will do the job so it works “out of the box”, ideally with the same environment as Wikipedia, including the same visual editor.

sudo dnf install httpd mariadb-server mediawiki
sudo systemctl --now enable httpd.service mariadb.service
sudo mysql_secure_installation
sudo mysql << EOF
create database if not exists mediawiki;
grant all privileges on mediawiki.* to 'mediawiki'@'localhost' identified by 'mediawiki_passwd';
flush privileges;
sudo sed -i -e "6,12s/^#\s//" /etc/httpd/conf.d/mediawiki.conf
sudo systemctl reload httpd.service
chromium-freeworld http://localhost/wiki/
sudo cp "$(xdg-user-dir DOWNLOAD)/LocalSettings.php" /var/www/wiki
sudo sed -i -e "/^require\s/s/\s/_once /" /usr/share/php/OOUI/widgets/InputWidget.php

Tested in a Fedora 33 VM.



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I also see that there’s a README in the package that should perhaps be worth a look:



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