Fedora 33->34 : System cannot boot with F34 kernel

The upgrade process seemed to finish with no errors!
However, when the system restarted after the upgrade, I got the following errors (kernel panic):

In the following screenshot, you can see the grub menu that I have:

In order to bypass this error, I booted with the F33 kernel!
Is it possible to fix this issue?

Watching this forum I have seen errors reported on the 5.14.14 & 5.14.15 kernels.

I suspect that if you were to install a kernel of around the 5.14.10 - 5.14.13 vintage things would work ok for you.

I do wonder why you do not have an older kernel in the grub menu for either fc34 or fc33 though. Fedora by default keeps the last 3 installed kernels (plus the rescue kernel) and I only see the 5.14.15 kernel there for both 34 & 33.