Fedora 32 thermal management

I installed Fedora 32 on my room heater of a laptop and it runs as cool as an idle notebook with the usually hottest area being mildly warm to the touch. I want to know what Fedora 32 is using to manage thermals because it is better than windows (obviously) but also better than on arch with tlp and thermald enabled. Even thermald cannot get the temps down to fedora level.

Managing thermals? I can’t say.

However it is extremely easy to watch temps, fan speeds, etc by installing the lm_sensors package then run “sensors-detect” to set up the devices to monitor. After which you can from the cli run “sensors” to get a snapshot of temps, fan speeds, etc.
If you want a graphic display simply install the gkrellm package and it can give you a real-time display of a lot of different values.

I do not need exact readings. The difference is obvious via touch. I need the thermal management package.