Fedora 32 live usb boot hangs on mbp 2019 - dark screen


I’m trying to boot a fedora 32 live on my Macbook Pro (15-inch, 2019). I’ve disabled the security settings and I can choose the USB at the startup. Than I’m presented with Fedora menu with 3 options. After selecting the first one the screen displays some information which seems ok and than it’s switching apparently into the graphic mode and goes dark. It hangs on the dark screen.

I’ve also tried the boot via troubleshooting but it also hangs.

Any hints on that?

Hi, you should be able to proceed with the installation in text mode.
Please see this link.


Regards, Patrick.

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the fact is that I need to boot in graphical interface from the Fedora Live as it’s used by the RedHat remote exams.

For some reasons it doesn’t work on my MBP. I was wondering if it’s a known issue and if there is any parameter for the boot process to fix it.

In the basic graphic mode via the troubleshooting it moves a little bit further - it displays the first gray screen but than hangs there and in over some time goes black.

This may be an issue with the 2019 MBP and the graphics card/driver on the F32 live image. Maybe you could try an F31 live image.
I don’t work with macbooks, but maybe someone here has hints related to the newer versions and the video cards they use. It really sounds like the proper video driver is not getting loaded, and since we know apple wants to keep their hardware proprietary it really does not surprise me.