Fedora 32 Gnome Shell extensions not working

you can try with this one…

sudo dnf install gnome-extensions

and it can be used in CLI:

❯ LANG=C gnome-extensions --help
  gnome-extensions COMMAND [ARGS?]

  help      Print help
  version   Print version
  enable    Enable extension
  disable   Disable extension
  reset     Reset extension
  uninstall Uninstall extension
  list      List extensions
  info      Show extension info
  show      Show extension info
  prefs     Open extension preferences
  create    Create extension
  pack      Package extension
  install   Install extension bundle

Use ?gnome-extensions help COMMAND? to get detailed help.

use this TOPIC for any comment…

you also can launch gnome-tweaks via command line and look at any error in terminal…