Fedora 32 Gnome Shell Extensions crashing Wayland session

I have just recently upgraded from F31 to F32 and I am consistently experiencing graphic session (Gnome) crash on reboot. I have found the root cause: the gnome shell extensions and I am having to enter a terminal session to remove the extension manually.

The issue I am having is that troubleshooting all the extensions to find the culprit and report it to the developer to get hopefully a reply will take quite some time.

It there an easy way to identify a problematic extension and disable it during the loading of a session?

Any extensions you’ve installed yourself from extensions.gnome.org will not get automatically updated along with the rest of the system, so when you log into a new gnome-shell version, which usually changes its API with every release, you’re bound to hit such problems. You should disable all such extensions right before performing the system upgrade and update them once you’re running the newer gnome-shell, before enabling them again. You won’t have the same problem with packaged extensions (the ones that appear as “system extensions” on e.g.o).

You can log into another VT or ssh from another computer and monitor the system logs as you try to start a session. Usually it’s that the old extension is referencing or trying to call something deprecated. You can then remove the extension folder from .local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/. It will be somewhat more difficult identifying gsettings modified by an extension, but usually these are harmless, as non-existent keys are just ignored.