Fedora 32 glitches, skips or crackles in Pulseaudio

After installing Fedora 32, there may be a problem with the sound from the integrated sound card.


1f: 00.3 Audio Unit: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] 17h Family (00h-0fh Models) HD Audio Controller

From headphones and line out, sound damage from all applications uses video+audio: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox (youtube), Mplayer (all video formats).

But when switching the sound to Bluetooth headset or to the sound of HDMI TV, there is no problem.

There is one more fact that I cannot explain. If I launch a video + audio application (audio damage) and then run Audacious (this is an audio player), the audio from the video + audio application will become good. But as soon as I press “pause” in the audio player, the sound from the video + audio application is damaged again.

If I run Fedora Live 32 from a USB flash drive with a built-in audio device, that’s good, so I think the hardware will not hurt.