Fedora 32 flatpak Gnome install hanging

I am unable to install flatpak packages (dconf, in this case) from Gnome Software, installation hangs at Installing 0%.

using Gnome Software or flatpak install... from CLI?

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Gnome Software. Flatpak install resturns no errors.

It may sound harsh but following my experience of past years, in my personal opinion, Gnome Software is not a stable and reliable piece of software. Moreover, since it is sort of a parallel package manager and not in sync with DNF, I decided not to use it. Having two package managers on a system that don’t share the same back-end is a source for trouble.

My advice to anyone on Fedora, as much as I love Gnome, stay away from Gnome software and use dnf and flatpak instead.

Sorry I can’t help you fix your error. May do a pkcon refresh force to tell PackageKit (Gnome Software) to refresh its metadata.


I have read somewhere that this may be related to SELinux permissions; so far, I will follow your advice and use cli (it works, indeed!).


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I have just installed Gnome Music by using flatpak, and org.fedoraproject.Platform was installed as part of the package. I can now install other flatpaks from within Gnome Software. So maybe it was just the platform that was missing.

I got it. If you let Gnome Software enough time, it will finally install flatpaks. The delay is due to the time it needs to download org.fedoraproject.Platform. This is the flatpak runtime for running Fedora applications. Unfortunatley, Gnome Software progress bar shows no signs that a 535Mb file is downloading and you just have to wait …

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