Fedora 32 - 4k Scaling

Evening Folks

I have an Aorus X5 V7 Laptop, it has a 4k monitor. When gaming and monitoring temps of the CPU and GPU, the GPU will hit approx 85 degrees. Now when I first got the laptop Windows 10 was installed, the same happened UNTIL I changed the desktop resolution to 1920x1080 and the temps were a comfortable 65 degrees.

So my question

If I change my resolution via Nvidia or Gnome Settings to 1920x1080 the resolution will change but everything is so big and most of the desktop is out of the screen. Is their a way to change to the 1920x1080 with no scaling?

Nvidia GTX1070


I just did some testing.
For me the change with reduced resolution showed similar effects, but a restart adjusted the desktop back to the screen size.