Fedora 31 sound does not work after few days of installation

I have been using fedora since mid 2019 and I love it very much because of it’s manageability. I have brought a new laptop and installed my favorite fedora 31.

Suddenly the sound was not hearing today even if it was working fine. I searched this forum and found some answers. I have followed those configurations but sound never came back. And I took some sound driver information from alsa-info.sh and uploaded it into here. Can anyone give some help.


Help No.1 >> Install Fedora 32 instead (31 is going out of support). In fact, Fedora 33 is almost getting released so you may want to start there.
Help No.2 >> dnf install pavucontrol (use pavucontrol to configure or observe your sound devices)
Help No.3 >> Let us know how 1 and 2 went, then 3 will open up

Sure @twohot. I’ll get back to you completing 1 and 2.