Fedora 31 problem with cyrillic in the console

I decided to get acquainted with the Fedora 31 distribution and the following problem occurred. In console mode (the one that Ctrl + Alt + F3), squares are displayed instead of cyrillic. How can I fix this problem?

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Does this only happen in the tty, or is it also an issue in a general terminal application?

If it happens in both, you’re probably just missing the necessary fonts. If it happens only in the tty, we’ll need to investigate why it isn’t showing the necessary symbols from the fonts.

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Now I’m curious too, I have just checked and encountered the same problem, everything is okay in the gnome terminal:

echo "Сидим дома и бухаем." > file && cat file
Сидим дома и бухаем.

But there were the same squares in the tty. I have never noticed it, since I almost never use tty and do not use localization.

Well, solved it while was writing this by changing and adding the following strings into the /etc/vconsole.conf:


And then sudo systemctl restart systemd-vconsole-setup to apply changes.

ruwin_ct_sh-UTF-8 to switch layouts by pressing Ctrl+Shift, ruwin_alt-UTF-8 to switch layouts by pressing right Alt+Shift.


Thank you, your advice helped! (Спасибо, твой совет помог!)

sudo nano /etc/vconsole.conf
sudo systemctl restart systemd-vconsole-setup

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Only in TTY. The method from jabberwoocky helped, but before rebooting the system. After you need to re-enter before rebooting the system. After you enter again: sudo systemctl restart systemd-vconsole-setup.

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This method appeared to be highly dangerous in case of full disk encryption setup.

Today I’ve booted my machine, and instead on usual “us” under decryption password prompt I’ve saw “ruwin”. Of course, layout was unchangeable, so I were unable to decrypt my disks. Fortunately, were able to boot with previous kernel and rolled back /etc/vconsole.conf

After some investigation I came to conclusion that dracut uses current keymap (from /etc/vconsole.conf) when building initramfs. So - do not set anything except of “us” in keymap when you use disks encryption.

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