Fedora 31 on Cambio 12.2 (W122SC24 T2)

The Cambio 12.2 is an Intel Celeron/Pentium Silver N4000 1.1GHz convertible tablet. It is actually something that somebody brought to me to install Linux for them. It booted with no issues after I enabled USB boot in bios. It actually seems pretty snappy considering it only has 2GB of memory of course it is running from an onboard 64GB SSD. Here’s what I found:

I tried the standard workstation build from USB first.
With Gnome the results were that the screen rotation was off by 90 degrees, touch doesn’t work at all and wifi will not finish connecting. I know NOTHING about configuring touch. I did find some info on fixing the rotation issue but haven’t pursued that yet. I would love for some additional input there. The Wifi seems to be an Intel 7270 and the kernel loaded the mei_me module. I have found ZERO docs on the 7270 but I assume it is probably similar to the supported 7260. IDK. It scans and finds my completely open wifi access points (I’m way off the pavement) but it will not connect. They are working as other machines connect just fine. My wifi is 2.4 ghz and I’m wondering if the 7270 may not support that… But it sees them so… IDK. I’ve considered plugging in a usb wifi but I don’t have one right now.

I also installed the KDE spin and it booted and installed properly. The screen was rotated properly but doesn’t auto rotate at all so it may have just been dumb luck that it was right. Same issues with the Wifi. It scans and sees the access points but then fails to connect so it isn’t a problem with the api. Touch also didn’t work in KDE.

I’m not sure if touch features are handled internally or externally from the windows managers. It seems like the screen rotation is configured internally but the drivers must be kernel level so I’m not sure if it would be better to fix this rotation issue in kernel space or work around in the windows manager space. Above my pay grade. What am I looking for regarding the touch features? How do I turn that on? Is it a missing driver?

I tried starting up the Wifi manually but it failed as well. From What I have read 802.11ac is backward compatible with n,b, and g.

I guess this is a really new device? If I had known I would have told my friend to wait and keep windows 10 on it for a while but that never ends up being just for a while. I may have bought this one if I can’t get it working better. Unfortunately I blew away the windows partition without backing it up first. Damn it.

If I can get these few issues worked out I think we will have a new convert but otherwise I’m kind of screwed.

Thanks for reading my long rambling thread. If anybody has any help lit would be super.