Fedora 31 desktop discussion threads

Fedora 31 is here! I’ve upgraded already and it went smoothly — although I had to disable the Impatience shell extension when I upgraded. (It’s not important — it just speeds up the shell animations, and I just turned them off instead.) How’s the new release working for you?

Everything works well!
I’m trying to organize my workflow around toolbox and it’s cool to finally have Python 3 as default :snake:
The only hiccup was a system freeze on a fresh install while playing a video; most likely it was an issue with Nvidia videocard and nouveau driver. Problem’s gone after I installed the proprietary driver.

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Upgrade went smoothly for me! Enjoying F31 - thanks to everybody who worked on it!

I’ve been running the beta for a couple of weeks. It’s going well; I only ran into two issues, both of which had fixes documented in Bugzilla.

Hi! I’m rather new to Fedora. Installed Fedora 30 (31 beta didn’t install properly) and then went to 31 beta via system upgrade.

The latter is working fine for me with one exception: conky. For some reason lua support has been disabled in the version coming with Fedora 31. Thus, I downgraded with

sudo dnf downgrade conky-1.11.3-1.fc30.x86_64.rpm 

and locked it with:

sudo dnf versionlock conky

Does anyone know if lua support has been enabled again?