Fedora 31 boot process endless with services failing and no login

Hello everyone,

Today my Dell XPS 15 froze, and since then I cannot start fedora properly.
Lots of services are failing and it never ends. see picture.

What I tried:
I can boot in rescue mode (single) the disk seems to be fine
I also disabled Selinux.

I don’t know how I should proceed from the rescue mode to identify the problem.
Among the failing services I have:

  • System Security Services Daemon
  • Login Service
  • CUPS Scheduler
  • GNOME Display Manager
  • NetworkManager

The boot process seems to loop over these services trying to start them.

Any help would be very much appreciated,



One thing you have established: SELinix isn’t part of the problem. If disabling it didn’t help, you might as well enable it again now, so that you don’t forget to do so later on. I presume that you’re getting some sort of error messages from these services; do they have anything in common, other than they’re failing?

If you haven’t already, you might want to double check your SSD and make sure it isn’t failing.
HDTune is a sure way of checking all the sectors. SMART isn’t very reliable with SSDs in my experience.

At the GRUB menu, edit the first boot entry. Remove rhgb quiet and add rd.shell rd.timeout=30 systemd.debug-shell=1 3

Depending on what’s wrong, you might get to an emergency shell, login prompt, or hang. If hang, try to switch to tty9. There should be a debug shell there, root user, no password required. Otherwise login.

Plug in a USB stick, mount it somewhere, and save it the journal to the stick.

journalctl -b -o short-monotonic > /path/to/file.txt

Unmount. Attach that file.


With your instruction I get the root shell without passwd, but the partitions are not mounted.
I forgot to said that my disk is encrypted. and with the single option added to the grub menu, It correctly ask for the passphrase and mount the partitions.

So I just added the systemd.debug-shell and here is the log file

I found the problem !

Analysing the failed services I saw that the cause for some services was:
cannot open shared object file: Permission denied

And Google led me to this interesting RedHat article

Somehow the permission on / went wrong and to correct them you can run:

# rpm --setperms filesystem

So many thanks for your help, the systemd.debug-shell=1 kernel parameter was really helpful. and thanks to RedHat for the usefull knowledge base article.


That is only available for the customers with a subscription… Not for the free testers from Fedora (loosers).
Please, say that me being incorrect!

If you subscribe to the free developer license, you should have access to the articles.
see https://developers.redhat.com/

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… for development purposes only …

Examples of such violations include, but are not limited to,

  • using the services provided under the Program for a production installation,

  • offering support services to third parties, or

  • complementing or supplementing third party support services with services received under the Program.


I’m not in. First of all, because “development of Fedora community and me as sys. admin of localhost” is a questionable explanation for me claiming this subscription.

     __/     \__  
    |. @  \  @ .|   Make the knowledge base
      \   _)  /      Great again!!!
       \  <> /        Free access for masses!

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