Fedora 30 Wacom button mapping

I have upgraded to Fedora 30 from 29.
Im having an issue related to my Wacom Intuos Pro

When I click on the map buttons, the screen goes darker, like the normal button mapping screen would normally do, but there are no options to actually map my buttons.

My tablet works, as does my pen, but I no longer get the gui option to map buttons.
I just get the test that says, “press any button to configure and esc to cancel” this does nothing though.

I have also noticed that since the update to Fedora 30, Gimp only sees my devices as xwayland devices and not wacom devices, so something funky is definitely going on. The pointing devices constantly jump around and loose focus, really impacting my work.

Any help appreciated.

Further updates.

This is a new installation of Fedora 30
if i type xsetwacom --list devices I get nothing back, so it looks like Fedora 30 just isnt seeing the wacom devices.