Fedora 30 update fear

I’m hesitant to upgrade any Fedora 30 files since they break the OS nearly everytime and the maintainers look the other way saying, “oh, we don’t support that.” I’ve been dealing with this since Fedora 17 and I’m sick of it.

Well, I have three machines running Fedora, one HP probook from 2011 running an upgrading Fedora since then with no issue, a Mac notebook core I5 upgraded since Fedora 28 upgraded to 30 with only one issue the broadcom wifi card, but the advice on this forum solve it. An System 76 from 2015 with all updates to 30 flawless. All those updates done with dnf system-upgrade follow step by step and no issue. So unless you have a hardware that need to use a kernel module rpmfusion there is no issue, an even on those cases are workable.

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They really don’t. There’s a very rigorous quality assurance process that is followed for each update, and even more so for each release. There are test days, and weekly review meetings. In spite of all of this, a few bugs do creep in, especially to do with newer hardware.

You can read more about how each release is shaped and tested here:

If you think Fedora needs more testing, please volunteer to help the QA (quality assurance) team. They have a lot of work to do, and will be very very happy to have more volunteers helping them out.

You can try an live USB first, to check if all your devices are recognized and work out of the box properly. In the worst case they don’t and you can wirte bug reports. In the best case all works. :slight_smile:

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Fedora 30: I did an update yesterday and nothing broke. VirtualBox, VLC, and even my HP printer stills works. The printer worked in Fedora 29 but not a fresh install of Fedora 30. I re-installed Fedora 30 and the printer started working then I did the update mentioned above. I am so surprised I don’t have to spend fruitless hours searching on-line for a solution that isn’t there.