Fedora 30 - unable to install Amanda

I am not able to install amanda-client in Fedora 30. The error given is “nothing provides libreadline.so.7()(64bit) needed by amanda-client-3.5.1-16.fc30.x86_64”.

I have submitted a bug report to Bugzilla. Is there any work around to get amanda installed?

rpm -ql readline

The problem here is that readline the version that is instaled in :fedora: 30 provide libreadline.so.8 so you can see in the previous command…

Try to update from testing is also broken:

sudo dnf install --enablerepo=updates-testing amanda-client

more info packaged and koji

You can add this information to your BUG… , However if on the way 2019-05-02 22:14:27 but you can download from koji:


and do a sudo dnf install .rpm


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The required update to amanda is now available in updates-testing. I was able to install from there and amanda is now working.

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Awesome—good to hear! I’ve marked your answer as the solution.

replication was done as i said before enable update-testing and wait the package get good karma to push to main repo…