Fedora 30 on ideapad 710S Plus Touch

I just purchased a refurbished ideapad (710S Plus Touch -13IKB) and am trying to install linux. I made a mistake in not going through the boards before making the purchase, yuuuge mistake. Anyway, I have now read some of the threads on this forum and elsewhere. If I understanding things correctly, lenovo issued some bios updates in 2016 and 2017 for some select ideapad models. I don’t think my model was on that list. Besides, the bios version on my model is 3NCN33WW(V2.55), which is newer than the bios updates released by lenovo.

I am presently able to login through ‘recovery’ mode from windows 10 and test the live version of the linux distribution I am trying to install (Fedora), which I have on a usb stick. But, as many people have pointed out, the linux installer does not detect the SSD. Without a bios update from lenovo for my ideapad, is there a way out? Or is returning the machine the only solution?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

PS: On a side note, why is the fan so noisy on this ideapad? I have used thinkpads for the past decade and they were so wonderfully quiet.

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Try to change SATA mode to AHCI in the BIOS/EFI.

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Thanks! that worked. I also disabled the ‘fast boot’ option in the bios as enabling it forces the system to boot only from the SSD. It took a couple of iterations as initially it did not reboot and windows tried to do some ‘repairs.’ But once I rebooted a second time it went through smoothly and I now have fedora 30 up and running.

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