Fedora 30 live ISO KDE desktop crashes (Nvidia GeForce GT 130 M legacy)

I tried to run the new Fedora 30 KDE live ISO on my HP notebook with a Nvidia GT 130M card: the Live ISO is starting the KDE desktop and afterwards the whole system freezes and so I can not do anything more. What is going wrong? What can I do?

Do you have a previous Fedora release running or is this your first time trying it out?

I run no previous release of Fedora now. I want to try again Fedora 30 KDE live ISO. Fedora 29 KDE was running on this machine fine, but on another HP machine Fedora 29 (HP EliteBook 8530p) failed to handle the built-in TPM chip and so I have to remove Fedora 29 from all my machines. I want to come back now to Fedora 30 and try it again with the Fedora 30 KDE live ISO.

I guess that something is wrong with plasma, but I can’t say what it is, because after successfully starting plasma the system freezes or I will get a black screen, game over!
I can’t connect to my WLan, because clicking on the network icon to look for available networks the same as above happens. The only thing that I can do, is to start an alternative terminal session and to reboot my machine. What can I do, is there an updated ISO for Fedora 30 KDE for downloading?

Thank you.

Now I know the reason for the issues causing that Fedora 30 KDE live ISO crashes:

  1. There is an incompatibility between qt 5.xxx and the nouveau driver for certain NVidia legacy cards (in my case it is the NVidia GeForce GT 100M series) and so the deskop freezes or crashes. An installed Debian buster KDE has the same issues, but there are only some programs which are crashing (older kernel and an older plasma version) and not the whole desktop.

Workaround for that issues: start the Live-session, wait until the Desktop crashes and connect to your network and install it to the harddisk quickly.

Testing the Live-ISO without installing is not possible on my system, because I need the NVidia-driver 340.xx, but it is not included and so go home.

Where I can report this bug, so that RPM Fusion (NVidia drivers!) will be included on demand in future releases of Fedora KDE Live ISO’s?

Had the same problem here, i started the system using some alternative entry on the grub of the Live USB i used… it was “simple, basic video” option or somethig…

The video on this mode become quite small, but after i installed i just used the Nvidia driver from rpmfusion and rebooted.