Fedora 30, intel 7260 (rev 9b) 802.11ac Network Manager issue

Hey everyone.
I just installed my fresh fedora 30 over USB installation. during live boot, I could see my 5G network via Network manager (I have BSSID_2G and BSSID_5G renamed). after installation and reboot into new installed F30, my Network manager could not see any BSSID for 5Ghz networks, i ran the “iwlist wlps0 freq” and can see the output contains 5Ghz networks but “Network Manager” does not report any 5Ghz networks.
Thanks for any solution.
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i changed my country code according to my router and that fixed my issue.

thanks anyway

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Hi @erixcode—welcome to the community!

Thanks for that quick solution too—I’ve marked it as such so it may help others that experience the same issue.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, please do take a look at the posts in the #start-here category.