Fedora 30/31 can't Detect INTEL graphics card

i remember that i had Intel graphics card working on windows that nvidia used to switch between
however Fedora 30/31 can’t detect it ! it only detect the Nvidia Card ! why ?
here is my HW_PROBE please have a look.

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Intel GPU in Bios set to OFF ???

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can’t see it in bios.

english user manual, page 65

“Intel HD Graphic …”


Are you on the last Bios ?

@sixpack13 yes i am. and my secure boot is turned off.

all in all somewhat curious !

  • in your log is no evidence for an i915 - I read not all though -
    at least lspci should have a line with “VGA …HD Graphics xyz”
  • the specs to your cpu says it has an integrated GPU

my best hint is: ask on asus forum people with the same device/notebook !

report here if you resolved your problem

i really don’t know what they were thinking of…

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Thanks reporting !
During works on this problem I silently was thinking that ASUS maybe had shut down hardware features to save some few cents for a chip/a display port/etc…

U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E !!!

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