Fedora 10 won't start in GUI mode. (Yes, really 10 — it's required for my class!)

Start up text mode . Problem switch Gui. Help!

If your still using Fedora 10 it has not been supported since 2009.You might consider upgrading to a newer version such as Fedora 38.


Actually it’s in my academic syllabus of Bachelors. It is must to install Fedora 10 and learn linux from basics. So, i dont even skip.
"A rational and well processed decision to include Fedora 10 in syllabus by Indira Gandhi National Open University of Delhi, India.

So, please try helping me if you can. I shalk be very thankful to all of you.

Consider using virtualization as such an old system may not support modern hardware.


It all depends on what packages you selected during installation. Normally, if you selected all the gnome packages, it would also boot up in graphical mode. For this old system you don’t have yum repositories available, so you basically depend on the set of CD’s.

You can find archives at this location https://archives.fedoraproject.org/pub/archive/fedora/linux/releases/10/

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The live Iso works in virt-manager. Selecting other than virtio (in my case e1000e) also gives me network access. Using the old Firefox is not working because of ssl.

I do not know on what basics you are referring. But if you want a look and feel from 2009 gnome, use a Mate desktop. It is more or less that what it has been used in this time. With the advantage that you can use the software, install new one and even can update it if you use F37 or above.

@akashdeep if your system has an nvidia GPU you can anyway forget to install it on bare metal. It is already difficult to run with actual hardware, imagine with old one then.


Finally failure boot up GUI mode and have to install fedora on vmware.