[Fedocal] Reminder meeting : Magazine editorial board

Dear all,

You are kindly invited to the meeting:
Magazine editorial board on 2021-01-20 from 08:00:00 to 09:00:00 America/New_York
At fedora-meeting@irc.freenode.net

The meeting will be about:
This meeting is for editors of the Fedora Magazine site. The agenda primarily consists of deciding, assigning, and scheduling posts for the upcoming weeks.

More information available at:

Source: Meeting "Magazine editorial board" - Fedocal

Yay, it worked! I’ll be absent tomorrow, but:

  • I have nudged pbrobinson about the IoT article again
  • I have capacity to take one article in the coming week. Feel free to assign one to me if ready
  • I can be Editor of the Week next week if no one else takes it, but my calendar would prefer to wait until the following week
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I did the meeting this week (Jan 20), and will do EOW next week, you can have EOW the following week then. There was only one article to pub so I took it for this Friday (Jan 22).