[Fedocal] Reminder meeting : Council meeting 2021-02-04

Dear all,

You are kindly invited to the meeting:
Council meeting on 2021-02-04 from 13:00:00 to 14:00:00 America/Indiana/Indianapolis
At fedora-meeting@irc.freenode.net

The meeting will be about:
The primary chair for this meeting (usually the FPgM, FPL, or FCAIC) should reply to this message with this week’s agenda.

More information available at:

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Here, have an agenda! (It looks a lot like the previous agenda because the last meeting mostly kicked cans down the road)


Minutes: Fedora møte
Minutes (text): https://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2021-02-04/council.2021-02-04-21.11.txt
Log: (I had to replay the minutes due to a zodbot outage, so the log is not useful)

#fedora-meeting: Council (2021-02-04)

Meeting started by bcotton_ at 21:11:35 UTC. The full logs are available

Meeting summary

  • This is a replay of the meeting because of a zodbot outage (bcotton_,

  • People present: bcotton, riecatnor, x3mboy, ngompa, mattdm, sumantro,
    marianab, spot, dcantrell, jwf (bcotton_, 21:11:44)

  • 2020 Code of Conduct report (bcotton_, 21:11:50)

    • In 2020 we had more than two times the number of CoC reports when
      compared to 2019 (bcotton_, 21:11:51)
    • 20 tickets opened, 16 tickets closed (bcotton_, 21:11:53)
    • 8 warnings issued, 4 moderations issued, 3 suspensions issued, 0
      bans issued (bcotton_, 21:11:54)
  • Logo adoption timeline (bcotton_, 21:11:56)

    • LINK: Issue #249: Logo Adoption Timeline - tickets - Pagure.io
      (bcotton_, 21:11:57)
    • previously: mattdm to coordinate a plan for the logo rollout and
      come back to the Council with a proposal (bcotton_, 21:11:59)
    • duffy will present an update on the logo at the March video meeting
      (bcotton_, 21:12:00)
    • from mattdm the state of this right now is that there’s a meeting
      scheduled to come up with that plan to propose :slight_smile: (bcotton_,
  • Fedora annual survey (bcotton_, 21:12:03)

  • Add the Fedora goal of having complete integrated system (bcotton_,

  • Reminders of Council bio tickets (bcotton_, 21:12:17)

  • Next meeting (bcotton_, 21:12:21)

  • The next Video Meeting is Thursday 11 February. The guest will be
    Ben Williams talking about the Respins SIG (bcotton_, 21:12:22)

  • The next regular business meeting is Thursday 18 February
    (bcotton_, 21:12:23)

  • Do we have anything to announce? (bcotton_, 21:12:26)

  • This is a regular check to make sure we’re communicating to the
    contributor (via CommBlog) and user (via Magazine) communities
    (bcotton_, 21:12:27)

  • Join Fedora at FOSDEM this weekend (bcotton_, 21:12:30)

  • LINK: Join Fedora at FOSDEM 2021 - Fedora Magazine
    (bcotton_, 21:12:32)

  • Dashboard check (bcotton_, 21:12:33)

  • LINK: Status Dashboard :: Fedora Docs
    (bcotton_, 21:12:35)

  • ACTION: bcotton to propose ending this experiment (bcotton_,

Meeting ended at 21:12:38 UTC.

Action Items

  • bcotton to propose ending this experiment

Action Items, by person

    • bcotton to propose ending this experiment

People Present (lines said)

  • bcotton_ (36)
  • zodbot (6)

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