Fed. 39 shuts down asks for new Login after clicking on a web Link

Hi all, since new install Fed 39, sometimes just by clicking on a Website link, (for a new link in a new tab) everything gets lost / dropped and the login Window appears, naturally needing a new login. In that process, all previous windows, links, tabs have been closed and eliminated. I then have to start from scratch to get to where I was before the “CRASH”. The system does not shut down or off. It just reverts to the “Login” Window as a new start-up would, with none of the previous pages / windows / tabs appearing. This has happened several times recently and only since Fed 39 has been installed. With Fed 38 this never happened. After closing the PC without log out, or lock, it would just ask for a new password, but all the previous windows / tabs were still present. I’m not sure if this a Fed 39 or Firefox problem. I receive NO "“Firefox has crashed” warnings / messages. But I did get this See SCREENSHOT !
Any one have any ideas / suggestions to this problem?


You have to click on details to get more Infos. The message you posted is very generic. If you can read the total message you can cut and paste as pre-formatted text here </> (see menu in edit window).

Please use also more tags beside the title to declare what your system looks like (like upgrades f39 nvidia {if available} etc.)

In Firefox create a new profile, about:profiles (type in url), and see if you get the same issue while using the new profile.

If you use the Firefox as RPM, try the flatpak version to see if you have same troubles.

Part of the problem was when I clicked on “Details” the window froze up. GNOME is not responding, the message was “Force quit or Wait” I clicked on “Wait” several times, then no response, so it ended up to “Force Quit”.
Several times per day I run “sudo dnf upgrade” in the Terminal. Sometimes I use “update” instead of “upgrade”. I’m not familiar with running “flatpack”, how can I do that?
Concerning : “In Firefox create a new profile, about:profiles (type in url), and see if you get the same issue while using the new profile.” You would have to give me more instructions exactly how to do that, sorry !

Please use the search engine and try to find an answer on “how to create a new profile in Firefox”. This is the same as I had to do to remember how to proceed.

Flatpak applications you can install in the software app. there you have a selection to choose between the rpm or flatpak installation.

Please test to downgrade the mutter package.

HI LS, see screenshot:

Hopefully this works !

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