Feature for custom rpm-ostree container-native builds?

after creating a couple custom images we realized /usr/bin/ld seems to be missing from any of them

I double checked our upstream image and it seems that it is also missing from there.

$ podman run --rm -it --entrypoint /bin/bash  ghcr.io/cgwalters/fedora-silverblue:37
bash-5.2# ld
bash: ld: command not found

unsure where to report this issue so pinging here for awareness

It’s a development tool so it’s not included in the OS images by default.

ah that explains it for the stock image (I assumed binutils was installed by default), but it is still missing when I explicitly install binutils in my custom image

$ podman run --rm -it --entrypoint /bin/bash ghcr.io/akdev1l/ostree-images/fedora-nvsb:latest
bash-5.2# rpm -qf /usr/bin/ld
bash-5.2# /usr/bin/ld
bash: /usr/bin/ld: No such file or directory

binutils is installed so /usr/bin/ld should be present but it isn’t. Is it unsupported to have /usr/bin/ld in all images? A user tried to rebase to my image and it broke their other unrelated kmod packages as they can’t build if there is no linker (if someone can guide me to the right place for this discussion if this isn’t it, I would appreciate it!)

This is unexpected indeed. Can you file an rpm-ostree issue with a reproducer?

I would use either Tracker for ostree native container conversion · Issue #359 · fedora-silverblue/issue-tracker · GitHub or individual issues in the Silverblue issue tracker: GitHub - fedora-silverblue/issue-tracker: Fedora Silverblue issue tracker