FCOS as a VM - questions questions

I run a few oci containers, mostly just as a learning tool when I have time to play. My desktop is installed with F31 and I’m running at least one important (to me) rootless container. I like the idea of running rootless containers, but it doesn’t seem like everything is production ready with rootless podman. While the lion’s share of my problems likely stem from little exposure to containers in general, I feel like I’m competent enough to work out what’s going on with most things related to filesystems, selinux, cgroups, etc from docs. My lack of docker experience makes it hard to troubleshoot things like this;

podman stats -a
Error: unable to obtain cgroup stats: open /sys/fs/cgroup/libpod_parent/libpod-8a270de34ec5fb852b84ed1b0c7321f626d1c119617d047d799cd4e7c61c51b0/memory.current: open /sys/fs/cgroup/libpod_parent/libpod-8a270de34ec5fb852b84ed1b0c7321f626d1c119617d047d799cd4e7c61c51b0/memory.current: no such file or directory

Am I better off just managing rootful containers until I get a better feel for what’s going on under the hood? Is FCOS stable enough to learn from/with? I’m pretty decent with Ansible and use it to manage my desktop, a few VPS and an S3 bucket, and other odds and ends. I’m fairly sure I’ve seen ansible modules for podman. I’m just looking for a simple environment to run containers and learn the ins and outs of using them for small services, while being able to back up the files, and manage/view performance. Is rootless podman ready for that type of use?