Fc38 kernel-6.4 kwin crashes

Problems with the kernel-6.4.4-200.fc38.x86_64
I have a Mobility Radeon HD 5430/5450/5470

sddm login screen comes up then plasma x11 starts but slowly then it crashes right after the desktop is all visible.

This is on an old dell laptop.

I have another system with nvidia drivers and it manages to start x11 plasma desktop but sddm-greeter core dumps. For some reason it seems like kernel-6.4.4 is force loading wayland even though I only run xorg x11.

What makes you believe that?
inxi -Gxx will reveal the desktop used, and that is selected at login (at least with workstation) from the gear in the lower right corner of the screen when entering the password.

what makes me believe? I looked at the journal sddm-greeter core dumped - it seemed to choke on wayland qt5 libraries. And this only seems to be an issue with kernel-6.4.4.

There is also a qt5 to qt6 transition going on and I know there is a push to eliminate xorg x11 in the near future.

I installed kernel-6.4.6 and all seems good so far.

I wanted to remove the kernel-6.4.4 by doing “dnf remove $(rpm -qa |grep 6.4.4-200)” , this has always worked before for removing unwanted kernels, instaed it’s a crap show full of unreal dependencies;

I couldn’t post the full list of dependencies but it is screwed up.
Transaction Summary

Remove 252 Packages

Freed space: 1.4 G
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It works much better if one uses dnf remove kernel*6.4.4* --noautoremove`.
That removes all the related kernel packages but does not remove the whole dependency list.

I’m sorry you missed my point. No other kernels have these mad dependencies when removed.

dnf remove $(rpm -qa |grep 6.3.1-200)
Dependencies resolved.

Package Architecture Version Repository Size

kernel x86_64 6.3.1-200.fc38 @@commandline 0
kernel-core x86_64 6.3.1-200.fc38 @@commandline 65 M
kernel-devel x86_64 6.3.1-200.fc38 @@commandline 69 M
kernel-modules x86_64 6.3.1-200.fc38 @@commandline 54 M
kernel-modules-core x86_64 6.3.1-200.fc38 @@commandline 29 M
kernel-modules-extra x86_64 6.3.1-200.fc38 @@commandline 2.4 M
kmod-nvidia-470xx-6.3.1-200.fc38.x86_64 x86_64 3:470.182.03-2.fc38 @@commandline 25 M

Transaction Summary

Remove 7 Packages

Freed space: 244 M
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