FAS account not accepting my encryption key information

Created public key pair just like the Account requires but the page dies with an unspecified error no reference. I am only setting up encryption for the first time, using KGpg. I provided the ID and the g.asc file for the public key, but still no go.

Any suggestions?

I am new to Fedora. Longtime ArchKDE guy. Not used to Fedora’s ways yet, but they seem simpler and with many less options for control. So I am not assuming anything. I don’t even code. I only use CLI when I find someone else’s word-for-word instructions on the subject.

So please be kind. I am 68 years old and still learning.

Andrew Tipton

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Hello, and welcome!

There are 2 things:

  • GPG Key ID
  • Public RSA SSH Key

So. You have not to upload the GPG public key, but fill the box with the ID only. You could upload the public key to a keyserver.

The other thing is the SSH public key. Some resources in the Fedora infrastructure require public key authentication to work, like the pagure GIT repositories or the Fedora people web space.

So, maybe, the issue is that you are trying to upload the GPG public key to FAS.

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