Fan running too loud and fast after update to 39

Hi since i have updtaed to fedora 39 my laptop fan speed is always high and fast even in idelcondition when i just start the laptop the fan starts spinning at high speed

please help me because of this my battery life is too low and also its quite irritating sound

I would suspect there is a program running that you are not expecting.

In a terminal run top to see what is using your CPU.

Hello @reaper-24 ,Take a look at what the power profiles daemon is doing too.

what is tracker-miner-f ?? its taking 99% CPU

Can you tell me in detail please ?

Please post text by copy and paste the terminal and then use the </> button to format that text in your reply.

Sounds like a crypto currency mining program.
If you did not install it then I wonder if your system has been hacked.

You will need to hunt for the miner code on your disk.

top will tell you the PID of the process.
What does this command show? (replace with the number you got from top)

readlink /proc/<PID>/exe

From that you can see if the program was installed from an RPM.
(replace with the path that readlink printed.

rpm -qf <path-to-program>

If that finds an RPM you can remove it with dnf.
(replace with the name that rpm -qf found)

dnf remove <package>

Let us know what you find.

This may provide a clue. I think tracker-miner is an indexing tool for nautilus.

google or ddg is a friend when trying to find many answers.

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I am having this problem as well since updating to 39 on ThinkPad X1 Carbon, 10th generation.

There aren’t any “surprise” programs running…

From Tracker FAQ:

When you add or edit files, Tracker Miner FS will update its index. This should be very quick, but if a huge number of files are added then it may cause noticably high CPU and IO usage until the new files have been indexed. This is normal.

Tracker is not designed to index directories of source code or video game data. If content like this appears in the locations it is configured to index then you might see unwanted high resource usage.

If you see high resource usage from Tracker Miner FS even when no files have changed on disk, this probably indicates a bug in Tracker or one of its dependencies. See How can I help debug problems with Tracker services?

tracker-miner-fs-3 massive CPU usage and system slowdown (#348) · Issues · GNOME / tracker · GitLab gives you a couple of commands that are helpful understanding what’s going on.