Failed upgrade f36 to f37. Please help!

rpm -qa | grep nvidia and grubby --info=ALL | grep -E “^kernel|^index”

The rescue case does not work either.

At least you know you should be targeting release version 37, to stabilize your current OS build.

This is a fine result. We know for sure that we are working with a release version 37 of Fedora, What you need to do now is do a inplace update. Here are instructions for that :

  1. dnf -y update --releasever=37 --allowerasing --best This should update the system inplace.
  1. Now from the image you have posted, It’s clear your Nvidia drivers are mismatched with F36/F37 packages. So after the system updates, do
    akmods --force to force the rebuild of the packages.
  2. Once all that is done restart and please post what you have. Technically this should give you a stable F37 nbuild, from which you can then dnf -y distro-sync Once we confirm that, we can get you safely to a newer Fedora Release.

We should be able to get you to a stable system from where you are, we just need to resolve the mismatched packages. If all else fails, I have another way of fixing this machine from a Live USB, but please try the instructions above first.

(thanks for your time)

Nope. First attempt failed by something wrong with a qt5-qtwebengine package, that I dnf removed (with a bunch of python packages both f36 and f37 too).

A second attempt, with --skip-broken too, returns the operation would result in removing the following protected package systemd, systemd-udev

Note: rpm -qa | grep systemd lists both fc36 and fc37 packages. And rpm -qa | grep systemd-udev lists systemd-udev-250.10-2.fc36.x86_64 and systemd-udev-251.19-1.fc37.x86_64

This is fine actually, The entire system is mismatched. I see this more often when the Power is cut off during an upgrade, and Nvidia driver situations, sometimes dnf will break other times it’s less aggressive. So inplace will not work here.

You can try the Live USB instructions if you have some time. We will mount the broken system, and target dnf to the mount point and do the upgrade from there. Do you wanna try this method?

my fault, screen has been in stand by for a while, and I switched off the machine :sob:

If you people advise so, I may try.

From tty2 and by rsync, first I should be able to backup the entire filestystem on an external drive, should’t I? Also, I need to create a liveUSB from another machine, don’t I?
I appreciate your step-by-step instructions. As soon as I am ready, I’ll try.

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There are several post here on the forums where we ( The community ) have successfully recovered systems from similar crashes. So if you want to I can begin to instruct you on this but you will need to have a Live USB ready to go.

Yes, but to be honest, your system has entirely mismatched packages. There is nothing to recover. If you have specific configs and files you need, back those up. The process we will do should not destroy your partitions and personal files, but it’s always good practice to back up your personal files.

I’ll be back when I am ready
Thanks Cheers

I kind of succeed to install F38 from a live USB,
I opened a new thread on how I may fix a couple of flaws on Grub entries

Thanks to all, Cheers

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