Failed to start accounts-daemon.service - Accounts Service

I am getting a “[FAILED] Failed to start accounts-daemon.service - Accounts Service.” When trying to sign into my account or the root account. It only stays up on the screen for a second before kicking me back to the login screen. When using the recover option in grub it says “sulogin: failed to execute /bin/bash: Permission denied sulogin: failed to execute /bin/sh: Permission denied”.

Any suggestions or help anyone can provide?

Edit: I am using the Cinnamon spin

Is this after a new installation, or on a system that was working? If the latter, can you think of anything that might have happened in the time between when it was working and when this problem started

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It was a system that was already working. All I did that could have made any changes was just apply any updates that were available last night (03/07/2023 around 1830 ish). I update my system usually every night.