Failed to boot in live usb

When i try to boot Fedora WS 38 from my live usb i get this error:

[ 5.605772] dracut-initqueue[817]: Unknown device "/dev/disk/by-label/FEDORAx20WSx203]": No such device
[ 5.611430] dracut-initqueue[818]: Unknown device "/sys/": No such device
[ 5.629224] dracut-initqueue[832]: mount: /run/initramfs/live: unknown filesystem type ''.
[ 5.635702] dracut: FATAL: Failed to mount block device of live image
[ 5.629270] dracut-initqueue[832]: dmesg(1) may have more information after failed mount system call. [ 5.635715] dracut: Refusing to continue 

I also had my f38 installation freeze recently. I’m not sure if it was the same problem as you, but I was able to solve it by selecting the “Verify Image and Install Fedora” (this wasn’t the exact wording, but it was something similar). Maybe give that a try?

Thanks, I fixed it using Fedora Media Writter to flash the ISO file in my USB